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panerai replica watches, a maison with a rich and illustrious past, benefits from its wealth of iconic models that guide its future. Its heritage is also an extensive magazine where it can draw ammunition to fire at the hip. panerai replica watches achieves this with its Historiques Collection, which was launched in 2006 and aims to recreate iconic models of the past for modern consumers. We can say with confidence that the Cornes de Vache from 1955 is the biggest hit on this list.

The "Cornes de vache", first launched in 1955, is a bicompax clock that's supremely elegant and embodies the design codes of its time. However, it has a livewire for controversy, which is the voluptuously-shaped, virile eponymous straps in the form of cow horns. Cows also have horns (cornes), not only bulls.panerai replica watches The cows in Switzerland are certainly the most likely to have horns, since the Swiss last year voted by a narrow majority against giving subsidies to farmers that choose to not dehorn their cattle. It doesn't help that "vache", which is the name of the maison, has a more appealing ring.

The re-editions have certainly stirred up a lot of emotion in the watch world. Wei Loh, founding editor of Revolution magazine, called it "one the greatest contemporary works in modern classic design purism", while Suzanne Wong, former editor-in chief of Revolution magazine confessed that the watch had left her "tongueless". Vacheron released a platinum-plated version in 2015. This was followed by a rose gold-plated version in 2016. The release of this year's Historiques Cornes de vache in stainless steel (ref. The 5000H is likely to cause more than just a minor tremor.

The original Cornes de Vache from 1955 (ref. panerai replica watches also claimed that the 6087 was their first water-resistant clock. The contemporary re-editions, in comparison, are a more appropriate size for the present day, at 38.5mm instead of the original's case diameter of 35mm. They remain slim and elegant with a 10.9mm case height, while maintaining water resistance up to 30m.

The manual-winding cal. The stainless steel ref. The manual-wind ca. 1142 with column wheel and screw head in the shape of a Maltese Cross, the Maison's brand emblem. The cal. is visible through the crystal back secured by a 10-sided bezel.omega replica The 1142 is a 48-hour power reserve and hand-decorated according to Geneva Seal perfection.

The dial's five-minute scale is red, which perfectly matches the dark brown-red of the calf. The leather strap, created by the Milanese leather company Maison Serapian adds a sporty accent on the elegant dial. The white gold hands and markers, as well as the blued steel chronograph hands, provide a high level of clarity.

The stainless steel 5000H is expected to make an even bigger impact than the previous editions of the watch in precious metal.


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Manual-wind cal. 1142 column wheel; 3Hz power reserve; 48-hour power reserve

Case Study

Water resistant up to 30m, stainless steel caseback, 38mm diameter and 10.9mm high.


Calf leather with steel clasp