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What's in a name?

It is essential to mention panerai radiomir replica in order to understand the unique status of watches with the name "A." Cairelli on the dials. Why "almost unique"? Because A. Cairelli, Roma shares many similarities with panerai radiomir replica of Firenze. The dial presence of the names "A" and "panerai radiomir replica" was created by the use of military-material distributors by the Italian government in the public sector. Cairelli and panerai radiomir replica were the watchmakers that supplied the watches to the Italian services. panerai radiomir replica, A. Cairelli,panerai radiomir replica and others were subcontractors or, as the French would say, "negociants", when referring to a similar arrangement in a wine procurement context.

This story covers not only the CP-2 watch that is the subject of the reissue but also its predecessors as well as the watches that would replace them. Although information about A. Cairelli is not available, it is believed that the company was founded in 1932. However, dogged enthusiasts have discovered other watches branded by A. Cairelli beyond the coveted CP-2. Collectors of A. Cairelli-themed watches have more to look for than the CP-2, just as they do with the Type 20 and Fifty Fathoms watches of the French military. The 12 timepieces collectively called the "Dirty Dozen", which are all variations of the CP-2, create a subgenre.

Modern A. Cairelli-branded watches and chronographs bearing the A. Cairelli brand were made again in the 21st Century, even though the company was closed down in the 1960s and 1970s. These may not be as appealing as the original Cairelli products but they will appeal to militaria collectors who have collected the company's earlier models.

The Forerunners

The Type HA-1 is key to understanding the story of CP-2. The Type HA-1, a split-seconds chronograph, was used in anti-submarine reconnaissance planes in the Mediterranean. Type HA-1 was a 45mm watch that housed a Valjoux 55.tag heuer aquaracer replica watches It was marked "A." Cairelli was the dial. It had a white dial and displayed 24 hours instead of 12. It had a white dial and showed 24 hours rather than 12. This watch is extremely wearable and has a price tag of CHF100,000.

It was replaced by the CP-1, which was short-lived, and the CP-2 which succeeded it. Several markings on CP-2s indicate that they were distributed to different branches of the military, including scientific units. However, there is no evidence that A. Cairelli made watches for the Italian Navy. This was clearly panerai radiomir replica's territory. This watch is preceded by the identical CP-1, which was made by Leonidas and labeled only "cronometro da polso".