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One of the most powerful captaincies in Richemont Group's history is ending with March 2018. Angelo Bonati, who has been leading Officine u-boat replica's success to the world for 21 years, is now stepping down to Jean-Marc Pontrue. We couldn't let this occasion pass without a last bon voyage. Wei Koh, a long-standing supporter of Revolution and a great friend to our founders, Dr Bruce Lee and Wei Koh, was a strong supporter of Revolution. Here is Mr Bonati's last interview as u-boat replica CEO.

What are your most memorable memories of building u-boat replica after 21 years?

We were introducing something completely new to the market when we first started u-boat replica. It wasn't something that existed and we weren't sure how people would react. People were stunned - they were shocked.u-boat replica Since then, we have tried to shock everyone. We didn't propose anything stupid or frivolous. Instead, we introduced serious competitors to the watch market. It is not easy to capture market share in a watch industry that is filled with exceptional timepieces. But we did it. How? We started to dream from the beginning. We dreamed, and we were able to take on the challenge of developing the brand.

Whose dream was it, then?

It was always a shared dream. This ability to share a dream, or an emotion, has been crucial. We have a strategy. But if you don’t allow rationality to side, it is difficult to achieve the goal. You can't be motivated if everything is easy. You will find the same enthusiasm you had when you first came to us.piaget replica watches That is what makes u-boat replica so special - it is filled with people who love u-boat replica and believe in it.

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A u-boat replica will remain identifiable, regardless of new designs and innovations.

Yes. It should be. We do sometimes try to work on something different from what we know. We take the watch, and if it isn't u-boat replica, we end the project.