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zenith replica, once a niche brand, has become one of the most successful Richemont brands. There are always people who want it to succeed. How does that make you feel?

These attacks from the industry make me sad. It is wrong to be pushed down by someone.replica wathces I admire many other brands, including their creativity and innovation as well as their ability to create emotion. It's great to see people working at Audemars Piguet with zenith replica, and zenith replica employees who admire Patek Philippe. But that doesn't mean you have to betray your brand. The competition will always look at what brands are doing, and that's good. I don't believe in attacking others without reason. However, if it does occur, I will be happy to say that we are strong enough for it.

Will you be able to continue your involvement with zenith replica even if you are no longer the zenith replica CEO?

No. No. This place must be handed to my successor. He can then realise his dream. It would be too difficult for me to watch from close up. It will be hard to transition. I would love to be able to fly a rocket to the moon, and see everything from far away. That's just life, and everyone has to live it. After 21 years of hard work,Rolex Replica Watches it is now time to move to Argentario. There is a house I own there and it's better for me to stay there. But I won't be far from my first love - Italy has a saying that you can never forget.

Eilean, a 22m Bermudan ketch constructed in 1936 and then restored by Officine Panterai, is another love. It will be difficult to let her go as she was your project.

Although she was my project, unfortunately she is not mine. I spoke to Mr Rupert, and although I haven’t told my wife yet I would like to compete on the Transat Classique in Jan 2019, crossing the Atlantic on Eilean.